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An incomplete list of helicopters which were designed In Australia

In an attempt to document all the aircraft which were designed in Australia, I present the following incomplete list of helicopters or rotary-wing aircraft (incomplete, because I'm sure I have not covered all the bases, and plenty of people will have more information than me - which I will gladly add to the list!). 

First, some definitions of what this list is intended to cover:

  1. The helicopters on this list must have been designed in Australia, built in Australia, and flown successfully.
  2. The list does not cover overseas designs which were produced in Australia, unless there was significant redesign or adaptation required.

This is only intended as a list (not a detailed history of each glider). Follow the links in the right hand column (where available) for more information about the glider.

ImageManufacturer and ModelDetailsMore information
Delta Helicopters
First flight:
Designer: Bill Whitney
Description: Two-seat diesel-powered helicopter
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First created January 2012