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Incomplete Listing of Aircraft projects, prototypes and modifications which were designed In Australia

This page covers a range of "odds & ends":
- Design projects which were never built
- Prototypes that were built and never flew
- Aircraft which were modified in Australia

Basically anything which doesn't fit onto my other 3 pages of aircraft designed in Australia...


Pellarini PL-13 Air Jeep
Luigi Pellarini was a prolific designer of utilitarian aircraft who emigrated from Italy to Australia. He worked on many aircraft designs, some of which remained as drawings, became one-off prototypes or saw limited or mass production.
The Air Jeep was one of his designs which remained a one-off prototype, which never made it into the air. The incomplete airframe is on display in Toowoomba, at the Museum of Aviation. To quote the notes from the display:

Designed in Australia in the late fifties by Luigi Pellerini.
A sesqui-plane design for use by the military, there was little interest however and the project did not go any further. The Transavia Airtruk did evolve from this design and was a successful agricultural aircraft."
The design appears to be a canard sesqui-plane pusher with split V-tail!

It may be disputed that the PL.12 Airtruk evolved from this design, since the PL.12 is more closely related to the PL.11 Airtruck. But no doubt the Air Jeep is a close cousin of the Airtruk.


  GAF Project N
In its early stages of its development, the GAF Nomad was referred to as Project N. It began as a single-engined utility and agricultural aircraft. This 3-view sketch shows the original single-engined configuration.
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