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CAC Boomerang Drawings

CAC Boomerang


The aircraft:

Developed in a very short time using components from the Wirraway and Woomera, the Boomerang is the only Australian-designed fighter to reach production.

Although it had a good rate of climb and was very maneuverable below 15,000 feet, the Boomerang was out-classed by Japanese fighters. But it found a valuable role in army co-operation missions and served with distinction.

(Image above from the Australian War Memorial archives)

You can find more information regarding the Boomerang on these websites:

For more detailed technical information about the Boomerang, click to go to the Boomerang Technical Information page.

The drawings:

This is a series of drawings providing detailed information regarding the construction and dimensions of the Boomerang. The first drawing to be completed is listed below.

Plate 1c. Boomerang fuselage dimensions

Overall dimensions of the Boomerang fuselage, showing the geometry of the fuselage and the rigging angles of the wing and tail-plane. Note that this is drawing is still a work-in-progress, which is indicated with a "draft" watermark. Click on the thumbnail to open a PDF file formatted for printing on A4 paper (approximately 37 KB in size).

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