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CAC Wackett Trainer Technical Details

CAC Wackett A3-22 on display at Moorabbin Aircraft Museum

During the research for my drawings of the CAC Wackett Trainer aircraft, I've collected a range of detailed technical information about this aircraft. On this page I have collected some of this technical information for viewing, as well as providing some links to additional websites or sources.

This page does not provide details about the history of the aircraft or the units which operated Wacketts, since that is already covered well by other websites (see the list of links lower down the page).

If you have any comments or corrections or additions, feel free to send an e-mail to derek "at" buckmasterfamily "dot" id "dot" au

Also note that this information is only provided for historical interest, it should not be used in any way for the servicing or repair of aircraft.

All photographs are Derek Buckmaster unless noted otherwise.



Warner Aircraft Corporation Super Scarab 165D engine:

Detailed photos of the Warner Super Scarab 165D engine on display at the Australian National Aviation Museum in Moorabbin, Australia. Click the thumbnail at the left to view the photo set on Flikr.

Carburettor: Stromberg NA-R5A

Magnetos: Scintilla VMN-7DF


The Wackett was fitted with a 7 foot 6 inch diameter Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant speed hub with 6101A-3 forged aluminium blades. The part numbers for these items provide the following descriptions:

2B20 hub description:
2 = 2 blades
B = Blade shank size "B"
20 = SAE #20 prop shaft spline size
Pitch range = 20
High pitch setting = 39
Low pitch setting = 19

6101A-3 blade description:
6101 = basic blade design
A = the blade is an Assembly (including the blade itself, bearing assembly, chafing ring, bushing, bushing drive-pins, bushing drive-pin screws, and balancing-plug assembly)
-3 = the length of each blade is reduced from the basic design to achieve a 3 inch reduction in the overall diameter

Hamilton Standard 2B20 hub assembly exploded view Exploded view of the Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant speed hub showing all parts labelled. Click on the thumbnail at the left to see the full-sized image.


CAC Wackett Trainer Aircraft Operating Instructions

RAAF Publication no. 173

Published by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation, August 1941.

Scanned copies of this pilot's manual sometimes appear on eBay, or you can order a copy online from Mach One Manuals.

CAC Wackett Trainer Overhaul and Repair Manual

RAAF Publication no. 193

Published by the Engineering Department, Aircraft Division, Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Pty. Ltd, November 1941.

Scanned copies of this repair manual sometimes appear on eBay, or you can order a copy online from Mach One Manuals.

Warner Engine Handbook for Super Scarab models 165 and Super Scarab models 185.

Published by Warner Aircraft Company, Niles, Michigan.

Parts Catalog for Models 165 Super-Scarab Engines.

Published by Warner Aircraft Corporation, Detroit, Michigan.

Additional internet information sources

You can find more information regarding the Wackett Trainer on these websites:


A selection of books, magazines and newspaper articles related to the Wackett Trainer:

  • Rolland, Derrick. Aerial Agriculture in Australia: a history of the use of aircraft in agriculture and forestry. Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia Ltd. 1996. ISBN 0 646 24840 5
  • Wilson, Stewart. Tiger Moth, CT-4, Wackett & Winjeel in Australian Service Aerospace Publications Pty. Ltd. ISBN 1-875671-16-1
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