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Kingsford Smith Avitation Services KS-3 Cropmaster Drawings


The aircraft:

Following on from the sole KS-1 and KS-2, the KS-3 was the first production version of Kingsford Smith Aviation's Cropmaster.

The KS-3 featured the pilot in the original front seat position of the Wackett, with the hopper moved to the location of the original rear seat.

The first KS-3 airframe (which was also the KS-1 prototype and the KS-2 prototype before being converted to the KS-3 configuration) has been restored and is on display at the Queensland Air Museum in Caloundra. Their website includes a detailed history of this aircraft.

The drawings:

This set of detailed drawings (originally drafted at 1:48 scale) shows the details of the KS-3 Cropmaster production version.

Plate 1. Side elevations

The first plate shows side elevations of the KS-3 Cropmaster in spreading configuration with a gate attached to the hopper outlet for spreading solids. Click on the thumbnail at the left to open a PDF file.

Plate 2. Plan view

The second plate shows a plan view of the KS-3 production version along with a scrap view of the KS-3 in spraying configuration. Click on the thumbnail at the left to open a PDF file.

Plate 3. Underside view

The third plate shows a front view of the KS-3 and structural details. Click on the thumbnail at the left to open a PDF file.

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First created 04/01/2012